Francisco Gómez
Mechanical Industrial Engineer

Polytechnic University of Valencia

“A place to learn and grow”

“Innotalent is the perfect programme to launch your professional career and make use of the skills learned at university.”

Patricia Padrón
Mechanical Industrial Engineer

Las Palmas de Gran Canaria University

“An enriching experience, both professionally and personally”

“You become part of a team of professionals who are committed to your training, helping you in your continuous learning. At a functional level, your tasks are not just limited to 3D design, but also prototyping, testing and integration of the most complex systems. At the same time, you receive a lot of training, both technical as well as management-related.”

Guillem Montero
Thermo-energetic Industrial Engineer

School of Industrial Engineering of Barcelona – UPC

“The Innotalent programme has given me the opportunity to join the workforce through a top quality multinational company.”

“I began the programme as an R&D mechanical engineer in 2011, alongside 26 other hires. Thanks to the efforts of the whole group, working on similar projects at HP and studying together for the Masters at La Salle, I gained a new level of top-notch experience and knowledge, which led to me getting my current job at Hewlett Packard.”