Who is it aimed at ?

What does the work consist of ?

Type of contract



It is a programme for professional development and improvement, with a complementary training , backed by HP and LEITAT since 2010. Talented new graduates are recruited to work over the course of two years on innovation projects, and at the same time, are offered a training programme in technology or project management.
The aim of the programme is that, on completion, the talented new graduate becomes a highly qualified professional, responsive to the needs of an industrial market based on research and development and who can successfully be hired by companies at the forefront of this sector.

Engineering and with degree graduates , particularly those specialising in mechanics, electronics, IT and telecommunications.

Collaborating on development projects for Large Format Printers and 3D Printers according to speciality, in the R&D and Operations department at the HP inc. facilities in Sant Cugat del Vallès.
For example, R&D of mechanical sub-systems in printing, high-speed analogue and digital electronics or low and high level software. Projects range from development, creation of alternatives, prototyping, industrialisation, problem analysis, experiment design and qualification for production.

A two year training contract with Leitat, with a gross annual salary of €22,000 plus benefits.

  • No previous professional experience is required, as this will be acquired throughout the programme in a multifunctional and multicultural technological environment.
  • • Programme members will have access to high quality training,:
  • · Technical aspects related to the progress of their work at HP
    · Interpersonal skills
    · Training in Technical Master’s degree. or Master’s Degree in Project Management

Applicants must have handed in their final-year project at the time of hiring, have a good academic record and high level of English.


Training is a fundamental part of the Inno+Talent25 programme for the participants’ development. It is taught by the prestigious university “La Salle Campus Barcelona – Universitat Ramon Llull” during working hours, for a total duration of 500 hours.


Unit I: Technological environment

• General overview of the technological company.
• New technologies.
• Introduction to printing technologies (HP).
• Specific modules for each specialisation.

Unit II: Innovation Management

• Innovation concepts.
• The Innovation Process.
• Attitudes to innovation.
• New product development.

Unit III: Project Management

• Project management.
• Integrated Project Management.
• Agile Project Management.

Unit IV: Business Areas

• Cost management and investment analysis.
• Marketing & Sales.
• Lean Management.

Unit V: Personal Skills

• Personal and professional development.
• Networking.
• Stage Outdoor Training.

Work activities

Recent graduates who join the programme work on R&D and Operations projects at the HP facilities in Sant Cugat del Vallès. This is an excellent opportunity to enhance their talent and acquire professional experience through working in a multicultural and multifunctional environment. Below is a general list of the activities which may make up each discipline, depending on the profile of the candidate and/or project:


· Tasks related to research and development of large format printers at a mechanical level.
· Design, characterisation, modelling and analysis through finite element analysis of mechanical parts and subassemblies.
· Systems Test: design, supervision of implementation, analysis, interpretation and publication of results.
· Analysis and improvement of prototypes.


· Tasks related to research and development of large format printers at an electronic level.
· Design, construction and prototyping of electronic circuits.
· Technical viability studies of electronic subassemblies.
· Implementation and testing of circuits. Interpretation of results and implementation problem resolution.


· Tasks related to research and development of large format printers at an IT level.
· Software development for embedded systems.
· Software development for communication and interfaces.
· Evolution of code. Debugging of software modules and integration into control software
· Systems Test: design, supervision of implementation, analysis, interpretation and publication of results.


· Management of essential tasks in the development of a new product, involving contact with clients or providers of services or components.
· Interaction with the supply chain, with suppliers on a global level and of different technologies. Define, update and/or improve the process of industrialisation of products.
· Interaction with customer service during technical assistance processes, learning their needs and defining the processes in order to offer a good service.

Selection process

The programme is structured in rounds of around 25 people, who begin the programme on 1 November each year. But as the programme is supported by a real active business, the format may vary depending on the status of projects at the time. For this reason, the rounds can and have consisted of more or fewer than 25 people, with adjustments made for special rounds, named .5, which begin mid-cycle in early April.

The selection process is as follows:

  • Verify that basic eligibility requirements have been met: type of degree, with studies completed or graduate no more than four years ago, and little or no work experience.
  • An exam of technical knowledge according to past studies: Mechanics, Electronics (digital and analogue), Software (low and high level) and Environmental.
  • Personal interview: Soft Skills, motivations and interests.
  • If the two conditions above are satisfied, application is available to any of the teams for which candidates fit the profile. The teams will select the candidates they each wish to interview. This in-depth interview is conducted either by phone or on-site at HP, and tests whether the candidate can successfully fit in with the team and perform their tasks.

The first stages of selection will be carried out year-round, with the final stage taking place 3 months before each hiring.

There is no registration deadline. At the programme, we recommend applying before finishing your studies, and giving an estimated date of completion. Once you are part of the candidate pool, we will inform you by email of any vacancies which may interest you, to which you can unsubscribe at any time.