Hewlett Packard in Barcelona

In Barcelona, HP has one of the most iconic centres of the company through the world. It is located in Sant Cugat del Vallès, close to Barcelona. Over 3000 people work at this location, and it houses various HP businesses, with the Large Format Printing Business being its principal activity. The global headquarters of this business is located at this centre, where printing solutions and applications for the future are designed.

History of HP Barcelona

HP Barcelona began in 1985 in Terrassa with the manufacturing of plotters (nib pen printers). It soon expanded and operations were moved to the current facilities in Sant Cugat. In the mid-90s, HP conceded its exclusive global LFP business to Sant Cugat, outsourced production to Asia and work at the headquarters refocused fundamentally on research and development activities. With the incorporation of new inkjet technology, products designed and developed at these headquarters brought HP to the top of the market.
This success brought to Sant Cugat other businesses to the company and turned it into the graphic art centre of Europe.
Recently, this excellence has been recognised through the granting of the R&D 3D printing project at a global level.

What is Large Format Printing?

Large format printers are able to print everything from posters to photographs, plans used by architects, and even giant canvases that cover building facades, posters promoting concerts on city lamposts and custom packaging of consumer goods, among many other applications. To help create all this, HP has a team of over 800 people, 300 of whom work in the R&D laboratory, part of INNO+TALENT25